L’Air du Temps
Andrea Gómez

meandthecuriosity_andreagomez_lairdutemps_muralpiedraromain_db12-15 March 2014 -  97 Enrique Granados Street, Barcelona

“L’Air du Temps” was Andrea Gómez’s first individual exhibition with me & the curiosity. For only 4 days, beginning the 12th of March, the exhibition was held at 97 Enrique Granados Street in Barcelona.

In L’Air du Temps, a selection of drawings on paper and sculpted works produced from the end of 2013 to the beginning of 2014 by the young Colombian artist were shown. These works are the results of an investigation into two predominant themes: on one hand, the history of literature and its evolution in the age of digital culture; and on the other, the intersection of scientific knowledge and magic.

The first of these trajectories of reflection is founded in a collection of works that all include the representation of links as a principal element, as well as words and elements extracted from computational and Office language (such as start, options, quit, etc…) that the viewer recognizes as all forming part of the digital context. This language also appeals to the actions that we can only bring to fruition through the implementation of a computing tool (such as clicking, pushing the enter key or moving a cursor). The artist, however, in a gesture by which to recall the role of writing, maintaining Egyptian funerary culture as a reference, reproduces these elements upon semiprecious stones, minerals and paper; supports that resist the impulse to be digitally activated and that evidence the tension generated by the difficulty to reconcile the analog and the object with the dematerialization of information in the Internet age.

The other line of investigation, centered in the sphere of intersection between scientific discourse and that which is magical, and between the biological and the spiritual, traverses the remaining works present in the exhibition. In these, the artist’s interest for the language of symbolism as visual representation of something invisible is also represented. Among this group of works we encounter three large-scale drawings (which are replicas of previous drawings done in a smaller format); a four-part piece on paper which makes reference to waves, invisible forces and materialism; a series of sculptures with word pairings such as man/god, body/soul, physical death/spiritual death; and a drawing upon a pink background that reproduces a quote from ethologist Desmond Morris.

In L’Air du Temps there exists the ability to reflect upon how new technologies have redefined the essence of communication, and the manner in which we obtain knowledge as well as a decided intention to reflect the “spirit of the times” (l’air du temps) in which the culture of fragmentation reigns and knowledge is often erected from the superficial and the numerous.

Installation views:

meandthecuriosity_andreagomez_lairdutemps_to romain_db

(fotos: me & the curiosity /  Diego Bustamante)